CEO Echo (global) results for March 2023

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CEO Echo for March 2023: 6% less CEO mentions

Last month, the .companion CEO metrics bot found 6% less CEO mentions than the average of the previous months. Overall, 52% of mentions captured by the CEO Echo were generated by editorial online content, while social media generated 48%.

In March, CEO Echo content saw engagement jump by 898%.

51% of all CEO mentions were related to financial news, meaning they simply referred to company figures that are often required to be disclosed by law. In contrast, the context of 49% of mentions was linked to corporate agendas.

Overall, the tonality of mentions was equally positive and negative.


Total Digital Footprint: Ralph A. J. G. Hamers, UBS CEO, dominates with 7% CEO Echo coverage

What role does a CEO play in a company’s overall corporate messaging, whether voluntary or involuntary? The CEO Footprint aims to answer this question.

In March, Ralph A. J. G. Hamers, CEO of UBS, received the highest amount of media coverage. His share of voice totalled 6.7%, the largest footprint of all top board members. In second place was Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, with 5.4%, and Björn Gulden, CEO of Adidas, took the third spot with 3.4% share of all mentions.

22% of conversations around Hamers’ echo were not related to company financials, and thus were below average for agenda-driving topics and content. 53% of the UBS CEO’s echo came from editorial media and 47% from social media.

Content that mentioned Hamers generated 7 interactions (clicks, shares, likes) per mention. This shows that audiences are somewhat indifferent and made Hamers the 97th most engaged CEO in the ranking.

In total, mentions for Ralph A. J. G. Hamers were more often negative than positive.

We can assume this had a corresponding impact on his overall reputation.


Communication Excellence: Alstom’s CEO, Henri Poupart-Lafarge, takes the number 1 spot

Two common goals widely shared by media teams are communicating key messages and building a favourable reputation, both of which rely heavily on editorial mentions. The Communication Excellence ranking analyses and aggregates media volume (removing financial report listings).

Henri Poupart-Lafarge, CEO of Alstom, was ranked first in March. Outside of the paywall, 91% of his digital echo discussed the CEO in stories beyond financial figures.

Stories generated 58868 engagements per mention, signifying readers are highly interested.

Furthermore, coverage was as much positive as it was negative.

As a result, the response to Alstom’s CEO received 20.3 points.

Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo Group came in second place with a score of 12.4 and Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo, took third place with a Communication Excellence score of 12.4 points.


Social Excellence: Sanjiv Lamba, Linde’s CEO, wins first place

Simply having a social media profile is not enough. If you want to have an impact on opinion leaders outside of editorial offices or on consumers and digital elites who are not easily accessible through the mass media, you have to be mentioned frequently on social media. The Social Excellence Index answers whether a company’s attempts at this have been successful.

Last month, Sanjiv Lamba, CEO of Linde, topped the ranking with a Social Excellence score of 3.1 points.

64% of the conversation came from social media and his engagement was somewhat indifferent with 6 interactions per mention.
Moreover, the sentiments of his mentions were 73% positive, meaning Lamba was ahead of runners-up Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony, with 2.4 points and Rainer Seele, CEO of OMV Group, who placed third with 2.4 points.


Responsibility Excellence: Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo Group, has the highest number of mentions surrounding social responsibility

The .companion metrics bot also determines whether CEOs appear in the digital media echo as leaders in the context of the UN’s sustainable development goals, e.g. in the context of social responsibility or climate and environmental protection. Our Responsibility Index shows how well this has been achieved. For this index, the metrics bot only analyses mentions related to this topic.

In March, Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo Group, saluted us from first place in the responsibility ranking, with

65% of Volvo Group CEO’s mentions related to social responsibility topics.

His engagement rate was 45233 which can be considered highly engaged. The tonality of media conversations was significantly more positive than negative.

Overall, Lundstedt’s Responsibility Index came to 13.9 points. Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo, followed in second place with 13.9 points, and Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, in third place with 5.6 points.


Investor Excellence: Luis Gallego, CEO of International Airlines, takes the number 1 spot for the financial echo

CEO mentions in the context of balance sheet figures offer little scope for setting content-related agendas but are crucial for building investor confidence. In this environment, the metrics bot determines which CEOs were mentioned from a financial standpoint, forming an index for investor communication.

In March, the .companion metrics bot identified International Airlines‘s CEO, Luis Gallego, as the top communicator for investors after he achieved 6.5 points.

85% of his mentions were related to the financial environment, which is 1.5 times this month’s average. His readership was highly interested, indicated by an engagement rate of 75.0, and he experienced significantly more negative than positive comments.

He is followed in second and third place by Nigel Wilson, CEO of Legal & General Group, with 3.2 points and Björn Gulden, CEO of Adidas (3.0 points).



Source information and notes on methodology:
Media conversations were tracked and analysed globally with the help of the market-leading monitoring tool, Meltwater. All content is in German and/or English and publicly accessible across websites, forums, and social media. The text and content of the CEO Echo are generated automatically by the .companion metrics bot.
Excellence Forum ranks the media visibility of CEOs in five categories:
(1) Digital Footprint shows the share of mentions of a CEO out of the total mentions among all CEOs.
All of the following Excellence index values are based on three criteria: How often the respective CEO is mentioned in a certain context, how many of those mentions were positive, and how many engagements those posts and articles received. While it is necessary to have an above-average share of mentions in the respective category it’s still possible to score high on a certain index despite one of the sub-criteria receiving results that are somewhat sub-par.
(2) Investor Excellence refers to mentions in the context of economic and financial content.
(3) Communication Excellence comprises all mentions that are not assigned to Investor Excellence. They unlock a potential for further agenda-setting.
(4) Additionally, Responsibility Excellence is assessed, based on all mentions in the area of CSR and sustainability.
(5) Social Excellence refers to the performance in social media mentions (Twitter, blogs, forums, comments).