44th WebXF Symposium @ LANXESS, Cologne, Germany

Impressions of the 44th WebXF Symposium

The 44th WebXF Symposium brought us and around 50 digital communications managers to LANXESS in Cologne on November 8 and 9, 2017. For LANXESS, it was a premiere as host and organizer of the symposium. We would like to take this opportunity to thank LANXESS and all participants once again for the very successful and exciting symposium in Cologne.

Not only the professional input and exchange, but also the nice atmosphere at the get-together made the symposium an experience for us again!

Day 1

2017-11-08 08.29.32_CHB  2017-11-08 11.53.29_CHB  2017-11-08 12.22.05_CHB

2017-11-08 11.53.59_CHB  20171109_113648_GOT  20171108_124351_GOT

20171108_103930_GOT  20171109_101307_GOT  2017-11-08 15.59.35_CHB

Get Together

20171108_195823_GOT    20171108_195841_GOT

20171108_195848_GOT    20171108_195902_GOT


2nd day incl. workshop

20171109_122836_GOT  2017-11-09 13.09.40_CHB  2017-11-09 13.21.04_CHB

2017-11-09 13.29.10_CHB  20171109_132053_GOT  20171109_130833_GOT

20171109_124722_MHE  20171109_124809_MHE  20171109_123200_GOT

20171109_122912_GOT  20171109_132038_GOT  20171109_135001_GOT