"There's a lot of time coming" - with Corona for a new start.

Two weekends ago, the first one in which Corona had taken over the reigns of our everyday life, my wife said one of those sentences that you first stumble over and then don't forget: "There's a lot of time coming". They were casual words, spoken spontaneously and carelessly. They almost slipped by. But then they became so true and certain, she could only have found them in the future. Why the time after Corona will be good.

"There is a lot of time coming".

When she said that about Corona, during the kitchen conversation with a view out of the window, these kind words passed me by as randomly and incidentally as some passerby on Saturdays on Mehringdamm. They all have faces, too. But which ones? Most of them are forgotten before I could have seen them.

My wife's sentence was also an unknown parvenu. But he had a face of 7 words that spoke to me. They call in a reflex, in a tiny moment at the dressing room, in the last possible millisecond before forgetting, to look, absolutely. Wait a minute... what did you say?

"There's a lot of time coming up."

The random sentence stops, turns and looks at you. His gaze is so open and deep that it connects. With what? The sentence is simply true. It is as true as something can be true. Familiarity sets in, which is still homeless. Do we know each other? From where? I am the certainty, I am your tomorrow. We have always known each other, we just didn't know it.

"There is a lot of time coming" - can it be described more aptly what those who are now, fortunately, not ill, are experiencing?
Time does not exist physically at all. It is a pure construct, it is the pure passing. It is emptiness, which wants to be filled by us. And now also MUCH time comes on us. What to fill it with, if it has to be other than the usual things and rituals under contact ban and short-time work? No shopping, no work, no distraction in virtual and real groups of like-minded people. What to do?

"What am I going to do with my time now?"

This question is a personal challenge for all and sundry. Finding an answer that is not empty is not easy. Finding another answer with each passing day, certainly not easier. But, honestly, is it that hard? Really no idea? Maybe go for a walk?

Whatever the answers, it is certain that everyone will find their own and very personal answers during these days. It is also certain that among these answers there will be many that are not empty. The answers will have content and they will fill a lot of time. With new questions and insights that are important. With actions and ideas that fulfill - for the first time, perhaps.

We have before us very open, very transformative and profound days. They create opportunities for all who are not attacked by the virus, and many will take advantage of them.

Let's look forward to the progress we don't yet know. The following text by Matthias Horx shows what it could look like.

System reset.
Cool down!
Music on the balconies!

That's the future.


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