Review Web Excellence Symposium: Un-Control - Transformation needs Trust.

In communication, transformation is easier said than done. This can be seen, for example, in Cologne, the scene of the last WebXF symposium in November. There, according to the carping Hamburg press, people are now suffering from carnival. "What nonsense," said Bützje professionals from Bonn and Leverkusen DAX communications departments, "nothing has changed there at all. A case for Media Relations. The reputation of the Munich carnival, on the other hand, was not tarnished. And so the Web Excellence Symposium started on Shrove Monday with 55 communicators at the fantastic host Siemens and ended on Shrove Tuesday in the midst of 6000 attracted people at the dance of the market women on the Viktualienmarkt. The WebXF team was quite flattened after two days of continuous transformation at Siemens, but completely satisfied. Digital managers from 20 companies met at the cool headquarters, talked turkey and heard clear announcements. The clearest came from Clarissa Haller, head of communications at Siemens, who opened the meeting with a bang.

Oh, Bot! Digital transformation is here to stay. So what to do?

TRANSFORMATION NEVER STOPS. Here are some quotes from Clarissa Haller from her presentation "Pioneering Communicator". For her captivating clarity, the communication professionals gave her a very whopping 95 out of 100 points. Outperfomer - CNGRTLNS!

"Becoming simpler is the most important thing in these complex times. To focus and simplify, that's tremendously difficult."

"We have to have the courage to downgrade our processes in order to become faster. Trust instead of process - colleagues find that very motivating, but the controllers, they think it's terrible."

"We would be blind and deaf if we didn't invest in analytics and data science."

"Communication is about earning your reach. So: what is the world interested in and what do we as Siemens have to contribute?"

"B2B or B2C eventually becomes the same thing: P2P - people to people."

 The agenda with evaluation by participating digital executives



A guest at Siemens in Munich

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Pioneering Communication

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Active Audience

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In the newsroom

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Workshops work!

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