Our impact stage model for the integration and control of digital communication

From theory...

This impact stage model is our further development of the "Impact Stages of Communication," DPRG/ICV 2008.
We already "turned digital" this model, which was developed for traditional press relations, with the Excellence Forum in 2012.

The goal was a model that could support all channels, KPIs and targets - but above all the performance marketing mechanisms of "Digital". So much for the theory.

Theory and abstract models (like ours) can be argued about, as long as you don't try to implement them in practice. Then extensive processing steps, analytics scripts and data processing systems have to be technically realized and pragmatic decisions have to be made. The model must be based solely on the reality of the available data. It must be adapted so that it works in reality. This is exactly what we have done.

...into live operation

We started implementing, i.e. applying, this model in 2015. Just like today, even then customers were fed up - with undigestible, overly complex and at the same time irrelevant reports about "digital".

"Can't you evaluate everything, Owned, Paid, Social, Earned according to one system?"
We can. We'll see how.

From initially manual evaluation of multi-channel campaigns in marketing and communication, Content-One.de was created internally in 2017 for cost reasons (automation). It is a universal evaluation service for integrated and agile reporting of communication across every conceivable channel. Content.One is an evaluation landscape that enables integrated reporting as an external service. And our model is now a database model.

The model works - undisputed by practice

Currently, with the Content.One service - and with this model - we process about 7 billion media contacts per year for more than 20 companies across more than 15 different types of data sources. These are e.g. web, intranet, apps, newsletters, blogs, display, video, podcasts, webinars, any form of social, whether organic or paid- and last but not least Earned Media in the form of data from media listening tools like Talkwalker, Meltwater etc..

Model and service are The missing bracket for all CommTech workflows

The model also integrates content tagging, i.e. the assignment of published content to topics and campaigns - which is the decisive feature for internal company use as a control tool.