Webinbar: Online surveys - simple solution for small markets and large companies

Online surveys are either free and of very modest quality, or expensive. And whatever you decide, one problem remains in any case - your survey will be so poorly received that you won't be able to survey at all in fields with little traffic because you won't win enough interviews. The alternative: Instant Insight.

Instant Insight is our proprietary technology for surveys that take place directly on the website, in a layer, or directly in your content.

It provides immediate insights into your markets and user feedback, even from small segments (B2B), also as a company-wide solution. Without a long project lead time, marketing decision makers gain immediate access to knowledge about demand and satisfaction in target groups and markets.

The difference

  • More response through in-layer surveys. Decisively higher acceptance than classic online surveys
  • Full flexibility with only one JS tag: integrate once and start, control and change survey projects as you like
  • Excellence as a Service: Online researchers individually ensure the quality of all interviews and evaluations
  • Web Dashboard: all analyses are provided ready for export via allmediacockpit.com

How it works

The JavaScript tag is integrated into the code of your online media once and with little technical effort. The surveys are configured according to your requirements and played out in an interactive layer.

We advise on sampling, targeting, survey design, duration, evaluation etc. Set up in a few days.

You want to know more? We are looking forward to Your questions.