"I never make predictions and never will."

Paul Gascoigne

Services that make sense of data

.companion has a vision worthy of its name: we want to become the world's first automated consultants. Seriously. We've already come a long way along the way. Here are the products that show where the journeys in communication and marketing will go.

Short excursion into theory

With the data it is the same thing, as with the information - they carry no meaning. They are simply empty, mean NOTHING and say NOTHING. This fact may worry many today, but it was recognized as early as the 1940s when the founding fathers of communication theory, Shannon & Weaver, introduced the very first communication model. On that occasion, Warren Weaver succinctly stated, "In particular, information must not be confused with meaning."

Paul Watzlawick explained in the 60s with his 5 axioms of communication how "meaning" is created, also and especially from data. Among other things, it states: "Every communication has a content aspect and a relation aspect, the latter determining the former...". It's the relation, stupid! The meaning of data depends on the receiver, not on the datum itself.

Automated consulting for the practice

In practice, this means that data must support the recipient. The data / reporting must adapt to changing people, changing situations and changing goals. Only then can the recipients give them meaning. So the reporting/data must be able to adapt and change constantly. It must become #agile and yet remain affordable. A dilemma? No. We solve it by first radically standardizing data to make our reports universally adaptable and automatable. Our 3 standard products show what the result looks like.

Content.ONE - The marketing analysis service For all those who want to manage communication by topics and campaigns - Across all channels

CEO-Echo: The digital presence of +300 top managers - measured monthly and interpreted fully automatically

SDG-Echo. The digital visibility of +1000 brands in the context of "sustainability" - measured monthly and interpreted fully automatically