"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Fluid-Web - The next level of Siemens.com

Speaker: Marcus Stegmiller, Director & Digital Communications - Siemens

05 November 2020 - 3 pm

Our vision: Data will drive the next generation of siemens.com. Creating and maintaining websites is a time-consuming process. At Siemens, we spend an inordinate amount of time and money on this, resulting in significant waste in the process. By modularizing content and using data-driven algorithms for automatic page layout, we can [...]

Keep the Content Flow!' Content and content management for turbulent times

Speaker: Dr. Michael Schmidtke, Head of Content Flow and Digital Channels - Bosch Group

10 September 2020 - 3 pm

Covid is the catalyst for a major innovation push in digital communication. What content, formats, and channels do you use to support an abruptly virtualized work environment? What has proven successful at Bosch? And what processes are used to safely steer the content organization through a multitude of simultaneous and abrupt innovations? And what role does analytics play in this? We look forward [...]

Review Symposium 49: Control is good, trust is better.

 "Control is good, trust is better? New foundations for digital excellence" - that was the motto of our 49th Web Excellence Forum in Frankfurt. Here is the summary of two successful days with almost 40 company representatives. They gave outstandingly good feedback on a program of practice-relevant contributions, discussions and exciting outlooks on the future of content, marketing [...]


Interview with data drivers: Michael, part 2

Part 2 of the interview Go to part 1 here What specifically should a client stipulate in an agency contract? Clearly, the unrestricted right to export the data generated with the company's money. This sounds obvious, but in practice it is not. Many agencies are reluctant to do this because it disempowers them. [...]


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