"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Review Fachtag 48: Content Marketing IS Long Distance

Content marketing IS the long haul for corporate communicators. That is the summary of two days of the Web Excellence Conference in the VIP lounge of the Leverkusen stadium. Our review of two excellent days is teeming with sporting metaphors. Here are all the game-changing scenes from halves 1 and 2 at breakneck speed. But before that, a big thank you goes to [...]


.companion KPI bot: The CEO echo of 2018

Our detailed annual review on digital presence of DAX/MDAX managers 2018 was written by the comnpanion core number bot. Enjoy reading! About CEO Echo As specialists in the evaluation and organization of content marketing, we continuously examine the digital media echo on all DAX and MDAX CEOs. We measure with the market-leading monitoring tool Talkwalker and have the results evaluated monthly by a [...]


Content marketing audit - put data in the driver's seat for 2019. now. Now.

If you want to learn how content strategy and media strategy can be checked and aligned quickly and neutrally using data, this way. Our Content Marketing Audit combines dashboard and workshop. After 5 days, you get a dashboard that makes ALL digital channels comparable. You go to a strategy workshop after 3 weeks with all the 2018 performance data interpreted. a dream? [...]


Communication planning 2019: Content audit as an important basis

Which topics had high reach but low engagement? Which topics that reached fewer people than average triggered discussions, ratings, and shares? The bottom line: a content audit answers these and many other questions across platforms. If a company's communications are still divided into different responsibilities (website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), all of these channels are sent to the same [...]


Digital metrics - almost always part of the problem. Why not the solution?

In a long text, as is often the case with us, it is about the company's internal view of key figures, analytics and "data-driven". If you scroll straight down, you'll find our method for a lean strategy project, the Content Marketing Audit. A smart thing to do for your 2019 annual planning. Synchronizing digital marketing communications - a mammoth task. Owned, Web, Earned, Paid, Organic, Native, Display, Video, Search, Social Media...who [...]


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