"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

KPI - Key Problem Indicators. What to do when data contradict each other?

Speaker: Marina Uhlhaas and Michael Sellen, Digital Communications - DPDHL Group

December 16 2021 - 3 pm

In marketing and communication, digital measurement differences between different tools and actors are commonplace. Professionals are used to differences of plus/minus 20%. But what happens when the measurement differences suddenly become several times larger? Is it due to the tools? Bots and click farms, cookies and content layers? Is it even possible to find the causes? Michael Sellen and Marina Uhlhaas, Digital [...]

Communication in crisis. Crisis of communication.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schulz - Berlin University of the Arts

March 25 2021 - 3 pm

Yes, there is such a thing: well-founded, clear and surprisingly practice-relevant recommendations for action directly from a "chair for strategic communication planning. What Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schulz at the University of the Arts derives most vividly from research can provide strong impulses for communication in everyday business. Look forward to unconventional questions and answers.

KPIs are right - advertising impact is not.

Here is a reference to a highly interesting article about the systemic problem of proving the advertising impact of online advertising and targeting. Its title: "The new dot com bubble is here: it's called online advertising". Effects - which ones exactly? KPI from Google and Facebook do not tell the whole story You know how it is: you use targeting and all efficiency KPIs shoot up [...]


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