"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Sustainability Reporter: Issues for the 5th SDG: Gender Equality, global, April 2023

Here are new sustainability insights from sdg-echo.com, Excellence Forum's continuous benchmarking service for #sustainability #communications. In today's post, we will share an insight on the most negative topics, that came up in the context of company brands and sustainability. Let's focus on an insight relating to SDG 5: Gender Equality. From April 1 to April 30, sdg-echo.com [...]


SDG Echo: Sustainability Reporter for September 2022, FMCG sector, global

Here are recent results from sdg-echo.com, Excellence Forum and Meltwater's continuous benchmarking service for #sustainability communications. Let's take a look at German-language mentions of sustainability issues, here in the context of the FMCG industry sector. This month, most negative engagements in this industry were related to the following hashtags: #8maeuse #plasticbottles #vegan #ancherkraut #cdupt22 These negative themes were most often associated with the following brands. #Philipmorris [...]


Our impact stage model for the integration and control of digital communication

From theory... This impact stage model is our further development of the "Impact Stages of Communication," DPRG/ICV 2008. We already "turned this model," which was developed for traditional press relations, to digital in 2012 with the Excellence Forum. The goal was a model that could support all channels, KPIs and goals - but above all the performance marketing mechanisms of "digital". So much for the theory. About theory and [...]


Feedback - NPS Assessment 12 for the Excellence Forum Symposium #53

"When an event still keeps you busy four days after it has ended, then that is a sign. Many thanks to Michael Heine, Thomas Mickeleit & Frank Sielaff for the depth of content and excellent exchange in the truest sense of the word! " Manager Distribution & Paid Campaign SCHOTT AG "A very successful symposium. The unvarnished field reports and the informal exchange between communication managers were particularly helpful. [...]


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