"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

9 Facebook measurement errors in the last 8 months.

TLDR: Imagine: You work in a commercial enterprise that no one can independently control. If your measurement systems produced error after error, for whatever reason, which error would be your favorite? 80%, or 33%, 20%, 35%, 8%, 30%.... always in your own favor? Those who already control their online media data in their own systems can rest easy. To all the others, we wish you success in the shell game with these and other online KPIs.


Social media: Hello mediamix, goodbye illusion.

TLDR: Social Media Demystified. .companion's presentation on the role of social media in the overall mix was THE top topic at TV Effect Day. Take 25 strategic minutes for an unbiased look at the impact potential for advertisers.


An advertiser speaks plainly.

TLDR: The new head of media at Unilever, Arne Kirchem, in office for a year, gives a highly interesting interview in the current HORIZONT in which he addresses precisely the issues that .companion has been working on for years. Kirchem's statements are refreshingly unequivocal. It is worth taking a look in any case.


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