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Whether newsroom, social media, campaign team, press department or CMO - marketing and communication are drowning in data that is of no help - because it is not precisely tailored to the area of responsibility. With Content.ONE, this is possible.

Problem: Meaningless data overload
In marketing and communications, there are dozens of dashboards for dozens of channels. They are only RELEVANT for channel managers. But communications and marketing don't manage channels. They control the creation and distribution of content in the form of campaigns and key topics (focus topics). This is what data must support.

Key figures from the digital channels are heterogeneous. Above all, however, they are so INCOMPATIBLE that summarized analyses of topics and campaigns across all channels are only possible if completely standardized data is available for analysis. Such data processing is a goal in every company.

Problem: Too high costs, too much coordination effort and lack of flexibility.
Companies rarely succeed in achieving this goal. Analytics projects are too expensive. And the interests, perspectives and application situations of the stakeholders that a "data warehouse" or "dashboard project" has to reconcile are too different. As a result, such projects usually fail even before they go live.

Problem: lack of flexibility

And here comes the real problem. If an "omnichannel dashboard" is successfully put into operation, it must be capable of quick and effortless adaptations to changed marketing and communication plans, to changed organizational structures. Evaluation services must be able to adapt permanently to changes. If they cannot, they will no longer be used. What every company needs is "agile reporting".

With Content.ONE, you can.


What is missing?

  1. An evaluation system that provides a view across all channels in one place.
  2. A dashboard that can tell which channel has published which posts on topic X.
  3. A slide that shows what media performance Theme X has achieved with what budget input - and how this compares.
  4. A report by e-mail that also shows what brand or sales impact the content on topic X has generated.

Finally, tailor-made answers. Automatically.

The goal is clear: stakeholders want answers to the questions that are typical for the area of responsibility.

CxO: "How much have we invested, what measures are running and what are the results for brand and sales?"

Brand marketing and newsroom: "How much content did we publish per brand message? Which media performance had which topic? And what is the media response to this, compared to our competitors?"

Digital Marketing and Campaign Manager: "What are the effects of our actions on leads or brand - and how much does which channel contribute?"

Social Media Manager: "How are our channels developing? Which topics work best where? Which videos are our outperformers? Which posts and which ad formats are the best if I have awareness goals?"

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Content.ONE - completely integrated evaluation as an instant service.

Content.ONE is a service that merely processes existing data from EVERY digital channel differently - namely intelligently and completely unified.

To get started, we only need access to the data sources. We immediately activate our standard evaluations. Adjustments are easy and always possible.

Bosch, Covestro, DHL - Content.ONE already provides answers for these companies.

Whether it's a Power BI dashboard, a set of slides or a robot text sent by email - in companies like Bosch, Covestro, DHL, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, the questions above are already answered at the touch of a button. Because they all use Content.ONE. Just like a dozen other companies in the Excellence Forum.

Content.ONE already processes several billion view contacts from almost 20 platforms/data sources and can also go live for your company within a few days.

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How Content.ONE works

In the first step, the standardisation of data makes it possible to view it from any angle. In a second step, all data is categorised uniformly according to content topics and campaigns. Now you can filter and compare as desired.

As a result, stakeholders get exactly what they need: Answers to their questions, relevant and helpful reports. Everything is created completely automatically and is fully customisable to different requirements and perspectives on the data.

This is what Content.ONE delivers

You can look forward to relevant evaluations: in PowerBI, on a slide or by e-mail. In addition to freely designable dashboards, you can also obtain easy-to-understand robot texts that answer and interpret your questions exactly and in natural language.

A robot text from Content.ONE data is fully customisable and can also be embedded on a website, as with our partner Meltwater.


This example comes from our CEO Echo, a global media analysis. The author is Content.ONE.
Here is the PowerBI view of a clickable robot text from our SDG Echo, a global sustainability analysis.


Here are some examples of Content.ONE dashboards

Top Level Dashboard: Topics
Top Level: Channel Comparison
Top Level Monthly Report: Trade Fair


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