"Digital marketing needs computers and people.
One generates data. The others generate meaning."


Small team. Big customers. Digital pioneer since 1998.

.companion is an independent service provider. A digital pioneer that has made a name for itself for more than 20 years that is quite a bit bigger than the company. Our customers stay with us for an average of 8 years. That's because of quality. To a clear stance as a neutral advocate for businesses. And because of a DNA that incorporates a wide range of innovations for marketing and media.

We are a digital pioneer and will remain so.

  • 2004 - first benchmarking association fordigital comms
  • 2007 - first own platform for online surveys
  • 2010 - first external ad verification
  • 2013 - first cross-channel dashboard for social media
  • 2015 - first service for comprehensive content marketing evaluation and forecasting
  • 2018 - First text bots for automatic interpretation of KPIs
  • 2020 - first own AI for recognition and tagging of content and campaigns
  • 2021 - first global benchmarking of brand visibility in the context of sustainability


One team, one spirit, many disciplines

How can content be better disseminated in paid, social, owned? How can you achieve more in terms of resonance (earned), image and sales? These are the questions 14 employees with attitude and top references, from mathematicians to communication scientists, are working on. We work together, eat together and go rafting in the summer.

Our common goal is not to generate "insights". Our goal are data-based decisions by people and teams. Justus explains what that means in practice in this interview.

Office-Home - an office as a second home

"Exit" is not our corporate purpose. We want to create something meaningful and lasting. Working for us should be fun, satisfying and rewarding. That is also why .companion is located directly on Savignyplatz, the most beautiful square in West Berlin, with 100 restaurants around the corner, right on KuDamm. It is a classic Berlin flat in an old building (formerly a hotel), with stucco under the ceilings and parquet underfoot.

Here are our guidelines for having the best time possible between "Engine Room", "Bus Stop" and "Red Salon".

  • Interdisciplinary work:
    our projects always cut across data science, media analysis and marketing consulting. That's why we have employees with "hard" skills around IT and BI, but also project managers and consultants with empathy and a deep understanding of organization and processes. The result is a lively and colorful team with steep learning curves.
  • Self-determined work:
    With maximally lean but well-supported internal processes, self-organisation, teamwork and one's own communication are the be-all and end-all. In this way, each employee can develop according to his or her own inclinations.
  • Personal development
    We not only finance sports for employees, but also further training or part-time studies. Companion encourages people to promote themselves.
  • Flexible working time models:
    Everyone according to their needs: Whether full-time, part-time working from home, or "digital nomad",  completely remote - all working time models are possible with us. Overtime is not expected.