Evaluate return on marketing investment independently

As a compact analysis project, the Marketing Efficiency Lab delivers concrete recommendations for action for marketing strategy and mix. To do this, we use the methods of multivariate data analysis. In combination with in-depth knowledge of marketing and media - and only in this combination! - the analysis of correlations can provide evidence of cross-channel impact relationships and concrete ROI of marketing investments.

The Marketing Efficiency Lab can be applied to a wide variety of data and information situations and can be requested for individual objectives and KPIs.

The difference

  • .companion investigates and advises completely neutral
  • Step-by-step integration into ongoing marketing reporting possible (real-time ROI)

How it works

An Efficiency Lab can always be conducted as soon as data of sufficient quantity and quality is available. The aim is to analyze the impact contributions of all relevant marketing mix parameters and to identify mutual interactions.

Short- and long-term effects are determined, evaluated, and verified on the basis of forecasts. This creates a crystal-clear view of the entire marketing value creation system of a brand. We call this the marketing ecosystem.

If you would like to learn more about the Marketing Efficiency Lab, we look forward to hearing from you. Your questions.