"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

The Twitter Engagement Shift of 2020

Quite useful background info for #DigitalCommunicators and #KPILovers. You might have wondered why your organic reach in Twitter decayed over the last months. And maybe why your Twitter engagement rates exploded. Well, it looks like Twitter manipulated their algorithm. See below: aggregated averages of some 73 million organic twitter impressions within Excellence Forum, our #CorpComm benchmarking-circle. #datadriven #DigitalExcellence


How do you communicate "sustainability" sustainably? What Daimler users expect and how Excellence Forum will compare K. success in the "SDG Echo".

Speaker: Michael Heine, Managing Consultant .companion & Founder Excellence Forum

22 October 2020 - 3 pm

Part 1: Our user survey at Daimler reveals not only very clear requirements for the content of sustainability communication, but also an outstanding interest in "sustainability" among the company's own employees. A live survey of all participants shows whether it is the same in other companies. Part 2: The "SDG Echo" is a new measurement method that Excellence Forum uses to assess the success of sustainability communication [...]

KPI for strategy? - How can marketing communication make the specifications from the C-level measurable?

Speaker: Michael Heine, Managing Consultant .companion & Founder Excellence Forum

August 27, 2020 - 3 pm

Practice shows: Making strategy measurable is anything but day-to-day business in marketing and communications? Why is that so? How do you reconcile strategy and its operational implementation in the KPI and reporting environment? And what is the actual situation in practice? Valuable input for all those who want to standardize their "KPI chaos".

Thanks, NATO. Here current manipulation prices for "social" media 

Social media managers with quantitative goals, watch out, here comes the price list for guaranteed success. It is a price list for social media manipulation. It's delivered by NATO. No kidding. What does NATO have to do with social media? "On the net" say this, the "net community" say that. How many times have each of us read such references in the press and [...]


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