"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Our impact stage model for the integration and control of digital communication

From theory... This impact stage model is our further development of the "Impact Stages of Communication," DPRG/ICV 2008. We already "turned this model," which was developed for traditional press relations, to digital in 2012 with the Excellence Forum. The goal was a model that could support all channels, KPIs and goals - but above all the performance marketing mechanisms of "digital". So much for the theory. About theory and [...]


Culture eats dashboards for breakfast? What can be done to finally put data to use?

Speaker: Matthias Harenburg, Communication Performance Manager - Siemens Heathineers

March 24 2022 - 3 pm

Who in the "Analytics" environment is not familiar with this situation: A new dashboard or analytics service is completed in a first version, you roll out, look forward to the expansion, ask for feedback - and it comes: nothing. No suggestion, no request, no wish. That's how it's been internally for almost all new dashboards or data services, for 20 years. [...]

KPI - Key Problem Indicators. What to do when data contradict each other?

Speaker: Marina Uhlhaas and Michael Sellen, Digital Communications - DPDHL Group

December 16 2021 - 3 pm

In marketing and communication, digital measurement differences between different tools and actors are commonplace. Professionals are used to differences of plus/minus 20%. But what happens when the measurement differences suddenly become several times larger? Is it due to the tools? Bots and click farms, cookies and content layers? Is it even possible to find the causes? Michael Sellen and Marina Uhlhaas, Digital [...]

The Twitter Engagement Shift of 2020

Quite useful background info for #DigitalCommunicators and #KPILovers. You might have wondered why your organic reach in Twitter decayed over the last months. And maybe why your Twitter engagement rates exploded. Well, it looks like Twitter manipulated their algorithm. See below: aggregated averages of some 73 million organic twitter impressions within Excellence Forum, our #CorpComm benchmarking-circle. #datadriven #DigitalExcellence


KPI for strategy? - How can marketing communication make the specifications from the C-level measurable?

Speaker: Michael Heine, Managing Consultant .companion & Founder Excellence Forum

August 27, 2020 - 3 pm

Practice shows: Making strategy measurable is anything but day-to-day business in marketing and communications? Why is that so? How do you reconcile strategy and its operational implementation in the KPI and reporting environment? And what is the actual situation in practice? Valuable input for all those who want to standardize their "KPI chaos".

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