"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Recognising & evaluating content is a demanding core requirement of media analysis

A recent survey of 132 communicators in German companies shows a clear result: High demands are placed on media analysis in terms of content, and even higher in terms of data integration for integrated reporting. But one thing after the other. Almost half of the top 10 priorities of those responsible for communication relate to the identification and evaluation of content. This requires categories, [...]


CMO Barometer 2022: .companion supports all top priorities of CMOs - directly and immediately

The Serviceplan Group's annual CMO Barometer is a pleasantly unexciting, clear, bullshit-bingo-free, i.e. overall very useful tool for orientation in turbulent times. The barometer asks marketing directors in D/A/CH six simple questions about their priorities in managing marketing activities. For the year 2022, 288 respondents (a quarter of them from large companies with more than 10k employees) gave [...]


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