Thx, NATO. Here is the current price list for social media manipulation

Social media managers with quantitative goals, watch out, here comes the price list for guaranteed success. It is a price list for social media manipulation. It's delivered by NATO. No kidding.

What does NATO have to do with social media?

Politics is made in the "net," politics is made with "the net," and "the net" influences politics. In democratically constituted societies, this influence is already immense. "Wars begin in the mind and that is where peace must be defended" (UNESCO Preamble, 1946). So NATO created STRATCOM. The "Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence" is based in Riga, Latvia. A valuable study came from there as early as 2020, which we commented on here.

Manipulation in "Social" IS a huge business. If you orient yourself to the prices , has increased sixfold since 2019

Here are STRATCOM's 2021 purchase prices for social media manipulation in Europe.

This way to download the complete experimental study. Thank you, NATO!