Key figure bot: The CEO echo in May 2019 - automatically interpreted

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The digital presence of DAX/MDAX managers - here the public ranking.

About the CEO Echo

The strategy and data consultancy .companion, which specializes in evaluating and organizing digital marketing, continuously examines the digital media response to all DAX and MDAX CEOs. Measurements are made using the market-leading media monitoring tool Talkwalker, which analyzes all content in German and English that is publicly accessible worldwide on websites, in forums and in social media. The data is analyzed and interpreted by an in-house metrics bot, which generates texts and content fully automatically from key figures.

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CEO footprint: Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) with the largest share of total CEO echo

What share of the digital opinion market does a CEO or board chair occupy, voluntarily or involuntarily? The CEO footprint answers this question. It shows the share of a CEO in all mentions of DAX/MDAX managers.

In May, all group CEOs from the DAX and MDAX were mentioned 86% more frequently in the global digital media (global, English- and German-language) than in the previous month. Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) enjoyed the greatest digital attention. His CEO footprint comprises 37% of all mentions of top managers. By comparison, the average footprint of a DAX/MDAX CEO is only two percent. Herbert Diess (Volkswagen) follows in second and third place with 9% and Guido Kerkhoff (thyssenkrupp) with 5%. In May, mentions of Dieter Zetsche were positively colored, while the digital response to Herbert Diess was negative and to Guido Kerkhoff negative.

Echo efficiency: Dr. Markus Braun (Wirecard) has the most efficient media echo in DAX/MDAX

How large is the CEO footprint in relation to the material possibilities that a company can use to position its own boss in the opinion market? Echo Efficiency provides the answer to this question. companion's metrics bot puts the digital mentions of corporate CEOs in relation to the size of the company.

According to this criterion, Dr. Markus Braun (Wirecard) is the top performer in May with 142 points. His media response was in the best proportion to the performance of his own company. Michael Zahn (Deutsche Wohnen) follows in second place with 134 points, and Rolf Buch (Vonovia) in third place with 126 points. Dr. Markus Braun 's CEO echo was characterized by above-average mentions in digital media by editorial departments and weak reader activation. The proportion of editorial mentions was well above average for Michael Zahn and above average for Rolf Buch. Michael Zahn 's mentions generated weak reader activation, while Rolf Buch 's generated rather average reader activation.

Social Excellence: Björn Gulden (Puma) with the most effective social media echo

"Social is not an end in itself. But if you want to have an impact on opinion leaders (influencers) outside the editorial offices or on consumers and digital elites who are not easily reached by the mass media, you have to be mentioned as frequently and effectively as possible in social media. The Social Excellence Index expresses whether this is successful. The bot uses Talkwalker data to calculate how large the share of social media mentions is and how well they were able to prompt readers to respond.

In May, Björn Gulden (Puma) had the best Social Excellence Index of all DAX/MDAX CEOs with 76 points. This put him well ahead of Kasper Rorsted (adidas) with 53 points and Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) with 30 points. Björn Gulden's echo was 35% "social", his reader activation very strong with 52 reactions to a mention. The echo on Kasper Rorsted was 69% "social" with a very strong reader activation of 18, the echo on Dieter Zetsche took place 82% in social media and generated a strong reader activation of 9 reactions per mention.

Image impact: CEO echo on Kasper Rorsted (adidas) has the strongest image impact

Our index for image impact shows how strongly a media echo can affect reputation. The index bot interprets how often positive or negative coloring terms appear in the environment of the CEO mention. The more frequently, the more likely a positive or negative impact on the reputation of the CEO and the company.

In May, mentions of Kasper Rorsted (adidas) have the greatest potential for image impact. 56% of his digital echo was explicitly opinion-forming and, on balance, positively colored. Werner Baumann (Bayer) follows in second place with an impact potential of 50% emotionally colored mentions and a negative echo. In third place comes Elmar Degenhart of Continental with 36% explicit opinion-forming mentions, which were negatively colored on balance.