"I don't necessarily agree with everything that I say"

Marshall McLuhan

Review Excellence Forum#50: Bäng! Breakthrough into the control loop

Things happen in Berlin that happen less often elsewhere. For example: real breakthroughs. Such was the case at the beginning of November. The 50th Web Excellence Forum - our specialist conference just for digital communicators - took place here, almost exactly 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A double anniversary, then, pure coincidence. And yet, somehow fitting time and place, this specialist conference was held in [...]


Content marketing platform and KPI - standardization pays off

Good content wins through. So does that of our software colleagues at Percolate. They usually deliver an enterprise platform to unify marketing workflows across many distributed teams. But every once in a while, they also deliver research data for organizing content and marketing within the company. Here's an interesting overview of how the not-insignificant investment in a [...]


What data reveals - how excellent is digital marketing?

There is an interesting article in Horizont today under the headline "This is how much influencers earn per post". A closer look reveals the quality of management and leadership in marketing. How much money do influencers get? It's about an agency study that determines the investment behavior of marketing departments when it comes to "influencers." On the subject of influencers [...]


Data Driven Strategy - Strategy Development Tips Part 1

Since 2005, we have continuously benchmarked and evaluated the digital excellence of the communications of dozens of large companies. We will soon be discussing the KPIs, results and methods for the fiftieth time at our conferences with only those responsible for content and marketing. That's all kinds of experience that we're happy to share in our "Data Driven Strategy" series. We wish you useful tips, stimulating [...]


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